Progressive Business

Progressive Business

Progressive Business is the leading organisation linking business with government. Our events provide an ideal way to stay informed and connected. To find out more about Progressive Business events and how your business can build dialogue with Victorian and Federal Members of Parliament, click here.

Progressive Business (PB) was formed in 1999 with the express purpose of building dialogue and understanding between the business community and government. Each year PB conducts a series of events that allow business leaders, Victorian and Federal Members of Parliament to meet and confer on those issues impacting the business community. PB members are given priority at all events and enjoy many benefits from being part of the wider Progressive Business community.

For more information visit or call Progressive Business on 03 9933 8510.

Progressive Business Membership


Progressive Business membership provides opportunities for businesses to hear directly from our nation’s leaders and policy makers. Membership empowers your business with the tool to be in sync with government direction.

Since its inception, PB has grown to become the leading business and government community in the country. PB’s Membership base consists of local, national and international corporations along with individual members who are active in the business community.

To join or to find out more about Progressive Business membership click here.

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