Premier Denis Napthine must explain to the residents of the Lyndhurst electorate why he has failed to tackle crime and what his Government will do to fix the rising crime rate in the local area, Shadow Minister for Police, Jacinta Allan said today.

Ms Allan today visited Springvale with Labor’s candidate for Lyndhurst Martin Pakula to speak to concerned residents about alarming increases of local crime.

The latest Victorian Police crime statistics reveal that in the Greater Dandenong area total crime jumped 6.9 per cent, with assaults including family violence up by 4.9 per cent and theft from motor vehicles leaping 10.3 per cent. Neighbouring City of Casey reports massive increases with drug offences up by a massive 56.2 per cent and burglaries up 14.1 percent.

“Mr Napthine sacked his Police Minister over a month ago after very little action to reduce crime rates in the Lyndhurst region,” Ms Allan said

“The new Minister, Kim Wells, has been silent despite the considerable jumps in various crime categories.

“During the Liberal/National’s time in Government Mr Napthine has managed to unravel 10 years of reduced crime rates under Labor, in only two years.

“Increases in local crime come on top of the Napthine Government’s cuts to the Victoria Police budget by $65 million and the slashing of 350 policing staff.”

Ms Allan said that the figures showed what happened when governments ignore the causes of crime and fail to put in measures to prevent crime and cut Victoria Police frontline services and budgets.

“Premier Napthine and the sacked Treasurer and now Police Minister Kim Wells need to provide answers for this jump in crime under their watch,” Ms Allan said.

Mr Pakula said the Government may have changed leader but the leopard had not changed its spots.

“The Napthine Government has been absorbed in their own leadership and internal office crises rather than dealing with these serious issues confronting the Lyndhurst community on a daily basis,” Mr Pakula said.

“The Lyndhurst community have every right to be concerned at the rising crime rates and should be demanding answers from the Napthine Government.”


Published on April 16, 2013