An Andrews Labor Government will work towards making Victoria’s education system the best in the country, making Victoria ‘The Education State’.

In recognition of this goal, Labor will direct VicRoads to print ‘Victoria – The Education State’ on number plates for registered vehicles.

Opposition Leader, Daniel Andrews, made the announcement at the site of the new Mernda P-12 school, one of 11 new schools to be built under Labor.

When the Napthine Government cut funding for new school buildings – shelving master plans and halting construction work – classrooms across Victoria fell into a state of disrepair.
Last month, Daniel Andrews announced Labor’s plan to invest $630 million to fix school buildings, implement a $320 million TAFE Rescue Fund and reintroduce Tech Schools to give our kids the best start.

Labor’s education plan will also help struggling parents with the costs of uniforms, breakfasts, camps, sport and excursions.

Quotes attributable to Mr Andrews
“For as long as we can remember, number plate slogans have been part of the evolving identity of our great state.”
“Under Labor, education will be more than just a word – it will be a rock solid foundation for our economic future.”
“Victoria used to have the best schools and TAFEs in Australia, but under the Liberals, we’ve fallen behind.”

“If I’m Premier, I won’t rest until we rebuild schools, rescue TAFEs and make our state the education capital of the country once again.”

Key Facts

• The Liberals cut the Education Maintenance Allowance payments that in 2013 supported approximately 202,000 students.
• Under the Liberals, funding for new school buildings has fallen by almost half, from an average of $467 million a year in Labor’s last term, to $278 million over this term.
• Over a billion dollars in cuts by the Liberals has left the TAFE system in pieces. Courses were abolished, staff got sacked. Campuses across the state are on the brink o

Published on November 5, 2014